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No argument, proper reasoning and everyone sharing their own personal struggles to use as examples - who cares, this is not your personal therapy or space to vent!

Not only that, a lot of times some students who were commenting just to get points and had no real clue about what they were writing, would basically repeat what I was saying in their comment - copy my ideas - and get full points.

My professor was non-existent as he felt free to access You Tube videos were an acceptable substitution for teaching. They charged me nearly ,000 without applying financial aid for a non-education with an absent professor. Since internal review board (IRB) approvals for each student's capstone project have taken such a long time for GCU to complete - many students in the DNP program have been forced to take additional extension courses in order to initiate, complete, write-up, and submit their Capstone projects. Additionally, the program now requires DNP students to have their Capstone project reviewed and edited by a professional editor which costs another ,000 to ,000.

The DNP students are further required to stipulate that their editors submit an affidavit to the school attesting to what they changed or recommended be changed.

Executive MBA (4) Masters of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting (4) Master of Education in Special Education (8) M. T (11) ED in TESOL (22) MBA with an Emphasis in Leadership (6) Masters of Education in Elementary Education (27) Organizational Leadership (7) M. in Professional Counseling (12) Curriculum and Instruction: Reading (7) Educational Administration (4) MBA in Marketing (2) To link to this page: I am still currently in the RN-BSN program. I truly believe there are better schools out there.

I did not do my research and now I am stuck in this program. Make sure you do your research and read the fine print before you sign because otherwise you will be surprised by all the stuff they didn't tell you upfront. I am about 1/2 way done with the online portion of the Masters in Counseling program.

Thta seems like it may be changing though as GCU has an annoying habit of randomly assigning "Student Instructors" to these courses in order to save money.

Also, there does not appear to be any recourse for an online student to complain about an instructor available from GCU, and their mentality is basically, Oh Well, we got your money so tough luck.

Some assignments are pointless, I am currently in PCN-515 and most weekly papers are personal essays yet these require references?

I've had classes where weekly 'papers' are simply outlines and the entire class focuses on how to write a research paper outline, rough draft, final draft etc- in a graduate level program I would expect people to know how to assemble a 'paper'. Other classes have multiple powerpoints and not papers.

Maybe you should have thought of that before you enrolled. The course materials are up-to-date and related to my work.

As well, you are almost ALWAYS directed to contact your Student Advisor about troubles with the school, but they are really just a switchboard to direct you to somewhere else, and after a while you get tired of being ping ponged back and forth by people who obviously do not care at all. If you make your efforts in reading all materials and completing all assignments, you will learn a lot.

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