Chat face to face with boys about sex

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If the sitter does not fully answer a question, don’t just move on without hearing a substantial response.

Wait silently and elaborate on the question to ensure they continue to speak, giving you enough information to evaluate their response.

Another important question that some parents tend to blindly skip over is finding out whether or not the potential babysitter is CPR or First Aid trained and/or certified.

Therefore it may be very possible that one is living in extreme close proximity to you and your child, and can even be your next-door neighbor.

It is for this reason that Kids Live offers a monthly service to check for registered offenders near you.

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There was just that report noting that 20% of teens admitted to sending around sexually explicit photos of themselves -- and now, six high school students in Pennsylvania are facing child porn charges because the three girls took naked photos of themselves and sent them to some boys (thanks to everyone who sent this in).