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A change the company made to its interface in May, which allows users to easily toggle between different Slack groups, unwittingly aided this type of extracurricular Slack-ing by helping users merge their work and personal interests under one tab.It is partly appealing for nonwork exactly people use it for work.Yes, there’s a Slack for dating, though it’s unclear how many people participate, and the group did not invite me to join after I signed up, a process that involved–like an old AOL chat room A/S/L inquiry–merely reporting my first name, gender, and age.I found the dating group, and 350 other Slack groups, on a website called Chit Chats (it was initially called “Slack Chats,” but changed its name at the request of Slack).Companies pay Slack for things like unlimited archiving, simple usage statistics, and unlimited external integrations–features for which couples and clubs are unlikely to pay.As Kennedy puts it, “I’m not super interested in who had to pick up the kids two months ago.”Cultivating nonwork activity on Slack could also hamper the startup’s sales pitch to corporate customers, who are subscribing to the software with hopes that their teams will work together more efficiently–not that they will chat with their significant others and meet people who share their interest in woodworking.

Any benefit to nonwork Slack groups was incidental.

Other Slack groups require a Git Hub link to prove coding chops.

One group, an “NYC founders” Slack with members that include wine entrepreneur and social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk, former NPR producer and current podcast startup founder Alex Blumberg, as well as “founders of all sorts of tech companies,” charges to join.

Dale Chat posee una serie de normas y reglas que se deben respetar en las salas para evitar inconvenientes y posibles baneos o expulsiones de las salas.

En general las reglas se remiten a: * No utilice lenguaje vulgar o abusivo en la salas de chat y respete a todos los demás usuarios, especialmente a las mujeres y los administradores.

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