Dating mobi wap chat thai women dating marriage

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Dating mobi wap chat

8.5 Main paid service provided by the Application to the User is an opportunity to purchase information data that become visible to them and other users of the Application (hereafter referred to as “Content”).

8.6 Price for each unit of the Content is specified in the Application and includes all taxes and fees required by the Law.

License This License Agreement (“Agreement”) is concluded between the End User (“User”) and Best Cell Solutions LLC (“Copyright Owner”) that possesses the exclusive right for the Galaxy Application.8.10 Purchasing and loading of units of the Content are accompanied with decrease of the User's account in the Application.8.11 User can find information about their current account balance by entering “My Info” in the Application.The User themselves gets and pays Internet access on terms and tariffs of their mobile operator or Internet provider. 8.3 The acceptance of terms of the offer shall be a payment for the service provided by the Application made by the User.8.4 The Agreement concluded as an offer doesn't need to be signed by both parties and is valid in electronic format.

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The User can install the Application to any number of mobile devices and personal computers.

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