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When discussing the series' future, Frances Berwick, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Lifestyle Networks' president, revealed: "Bad Girls Club, at this stage, I don't see it on Oxygen linear (referencing that it could air in a non-linear media form).Beyond that, we haven't figured it out yet." Beyond the common occurrence of violence and combat, other reasons for the premature exits of cast members have been from bullying, ostracism and alienation from the rest of the housemates, problems at home, court proceedings, or their own narcissism.It was broadcast after season six debuted on Oxygen, and focused on the cast of season six, occasionally bringing in "Bad Girls" from earlier seasons.Thomas asked the girls several questions to prompt rumors and confessions.

In 2016, a New York Times study of the 50 TV shows with the most Facebook Likes found that Bad Girls Club was especially popular in the Black Belt, with the greatest popularity in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Gates concluded by suggesting that Bad Girls Club is the on-location equivalent of The Jerry Springer Show.

During "Off The Wall", the first episode of the fourth season, Natalie Nunn told Annie Andersen that Chris Brown was at a night club that she wanted to attend, and asked Anderson if she was a fan.

All or most of the girls typically form cliques between each other; create havoc and antagonize each other; book parties in night clubs; and engage in sexual antics and other mischief, all awhile attempting to maintain their personal lives.

They are allowed to contact their families and friends using landline telephones and a computer connected to a large-screen television; however, the cast is prohibited from watching nationally and locally televised programming and using mobile phones. She makes her own way, makes her own rules and she makes no apologies. Although there were differences in season one, the current rules have applied in all subsequent seasons.

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They are introduced to the show based on their capacity to be a "charismatic, tough chick." The cast, deemed "bad girls", enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in a fine mansion for three months, during which they must obey specified rules.

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