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Dating tease

My husband called to tell me two of his friends were stopping over after their golf game.

He asked me if I would wear my blue bikini that, when wet, is pretty transparent. I always seem to have a house full of 18 year old boys, and I know at least one is over 21. I love boobs, so if you would find it enjoyable, please write me a cleavage/downblouse story for me.

I told him that since he was working the next day that I was going to the beach. I love to tease my boyfriend while having sex quite often.

The fun part for me is that he actually doesnt know that I am teasing him, so I enjoy teasing him more and to see his reaction.

Anyway, I would never in a million years be intimate with them on any level, but..seriously considering being an out and out tease. I am 6ft 2, 170 lbs, slim/athletic, blue eyes, brownish blonde hair, handsome face.

Let's say I am wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a tshirt. My wife had to go stay at the hospital for a few days.

While at the hospital my wife had to wear one of those hospital gowns with an open back.

That afternoon, I came home from shopping and he was getting the back porch ready for the card game. When I walked back and said hi, he told me who was...

If im really feeling extra good and not in the mood. I told her I would talk with my boyfriend Tim and see what we would come up with. When I learned, from him, that he secretly watched my friends and I having a fun night out, I wasn't happy, to say the least. but for some reason, I love to tease men - and women, for that matter. I keep my nails long and manicured and like to paint them and keep them looking sexy, why? I had two of my work colleagues come early in the morning to drop off some papers.

Leave him to his own devices once I've done mt job. Whether it's just innocent flirting or sending nude pictures, sexting or even "accidentally" rubbing against them, I just love to plant the seed of "something more" in their minds. Because I like to touch ***** and men like to see my sexy hands around their ****. I invited them to stay over and have some breakfast with me. I was sitting on the den floor going through the Sunday paper.

I have tried quite a lot of tease on him such as delayed ******, pretend to be dead fish on... They just want you but can't have you as they are bounded.

That's what I love about teasing, leaving the guys helpless.

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But psychologically—and even morally—they can be worlds apart.

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