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They get to interact with each other, sometimes for the first time ever finding another parent who has been through the same thing that they've been through," Krebs said. Child ID kits are available that families can use to have their children fingerprinted and get a DNA sample for parents to keep on file.Krebs said Missing Persons Day is also an "ID the Missing Event," in which law enforcement collects DNA samples and makes sure cases are reported properly."They started scrolling through their phones and they came up to me and were asking me, ' Is this your daughter?' What they had accessed was something called Backpage, where they list these teenage girls for prostitution," Melissa said.Melissa credits the Missing in Michigan Missing Persons Day event for saving her daughter.The event is for anyone who has a missing loved one. Detective Sarah Krebs, who organizes the Missing Persons Day, agreed that Melissa's daughter was taken out of her situation because of information that came out of the Missing Person Day.He just wants your company just because you're so funny. Melissa said that after about six or seven times, her daughter was told that she had to sleep with the men. Melissa said she knew her daughter had started smoking marijuana and was acting out.She took away her daughter's phone and tried to get her help.

Melissa knew she could not take her daughter home because she would be pulled back in again.

Melissa said she reported her daughter missing to the Detroit Police Department, and her case was treated as a runaway.

A couple of days passed, and since she had her daughter's cellphone, something told her to turn it on.

"He sat there with me, the FBI agent, ' Is this her? ' I didn't know what they were doing, what they were pulling up, but after 15 pictures my daughter's picture showed up." That was about 1 p.m. She said agents told her to go home and keep her phone on.

She said the FBI called by midnight to tell her that they found her daughter in a Macomb County hotel and she was OK.

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Melissa said the man took her daughter out, bought her food and gave her marijuana. That's all you have to do.' They would give her like $40," Melissa said.