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When you update your status, talk about more than just your writings.

Give the occasional personal update such as “I’m watching my cat eat a daddy-long-legs right now, and I’m wondering if my writing career is like that spider.” Tweet a few times a day and update your Facebook status once a day.

More often than not, the person said yes and followed through on discussing the book in their space.

He then ended the talk I heard by saying, “And then it’s on, like Donkey Kong.” So, consider ending all your updates, interviews, and lectures like that as well. Too many authors get on social media and then use their tweets and updates as a repetitive, boring monologue, just like the way I preached my first year out of seminary.So, if you are courageous enough to write a book and crazy enough to promote it in the marketplace, allow me to give you some suggestions.Some of what follows is based on successes I’ve had, and some of it is based on mistakes I’ve made. Make social media your friend, or at least your begrudging ally.Gone are the days of big banner ads in magazines and newspapers, countless radio interviews, bookstore readings, and book tours.When my book came out, people constantly asked me: “Are you going on a book tour?

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