Intimidating shout bandage macro

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When you're in an Ao E situation this is really, really useful since you're doing slightly more than doubling your normal attack damage, and it includes the same hit table functionality that can make Heroic Strike so nice.Additionally, Cleave does cause some additional threat despite what the tooltip says, making it very useful for tanking multiple mobs.This ability, more than anything else, is why as a Warrior you will be in Berserker stance 90% of the time in Pv P - so as to have access to your fear break when needed.Moreover, it's useful in Pv E so as to break or prevent fears against bosses that use that ability as well as to provide huge amounts of Rage when in an Ao E situation.The second effect gives any single target within 10 yards of you the "Intimidating Shout effect", which acts as an Incapacitate in the same vein as Gouge. Berserker Rage will make you immune (or remove any current) Fear, Incapacitate or Disorient effects from you.The target will stand there, unable to move or use any abilities, until they take damage of some kind (and yes, Rend/Deep Wounds will break the effect). Additionally, you generate more Rage from incoming damage while under the effects of Berserker Rage, giving you considerably more Rage (and therefore, options) to work with.

See ''Warrior Macros (Wo W)#Interrupt Pro for a good way to combine this and Pummel into a single, smart button.

Because it is a special attack, however, you will gain zero rage from that attack - and because it's an on-hit ability, it effectively consumes whatever Rage you would have generated on that attack normally.

This leaves Heroic Strike with a deceptively low listed Rage cost compared to the actual amount of Rage you spend.

Shield Bash Description: Shield Bash is your only available interrupt until you receive Pummel, and thus very useful against casters.

Unfortunately, the requirement for the shields makes it rather tricky to use when not tanking (read: Pv P or solo grinding).

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