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It’s totally normal for women to feed their babies wherever they need to, and they seldom cover up.

Breasts are not sexualized in the same way that they are in the Western world, though a foreigner breastfeeding on the street would attract a lot of attention, and I expect that most of it would be negative.

Pads are available; quality will vary depending on what region you’re in.

Personally, I just bring a Diva Cup and can’t recommend it (or another menstrual cup) enough if you’re traveling in sub-Saharan Africa.

The site caters to single Ghanaian women in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada and Ghana looking to meet single men. Chat, review informative profiles and pictures of single African men. 1000s of Kenyan women and men are waiting to meet their match.

It just means you need to exercise caution, as should you everywhere else in the world.It’s easy, it’s pit latrine-friendly, it doesn’t take up space in my luggage.If you’re looking for feminine products in a larger city or town, you’ll likely find at least a few choices in any of the larger supermarkets.If you use a prescription birth control, get as much as you possibly can from home.If you’re going to be in Cameroon short term, try to work it out so that you don’t have to renew or fill anything while you’re here.

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:) At first, I wasn't sure online dating was for me. But the next day I got a message from my future soulmate! :) African Love is a fast growing African dating and Afro introductions site linking the world to beautiful African women and African singles.

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