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Sex chat requast

Your husband will have to pay maintenance for the children.

I'm not sure this is helpful but I'm sure others will post on here giving you some advice. Hi thank u both for your replies think im sort of understanding a little better.

If there is enough left for two small properties then you might have to sell your house.

You have two children so I think that would make a difference in your case.

i can afford to take the mortgage on alone once i am on my feet but the problem i have is because i am currently on maternity leave n when i do return to work after Christmas i can only work part time due to childcare.

please help as i am so confused and worried about where i actually stand and my rights.

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Hi me and my husband separated 2 months ago due to the fact he committed adultery although he admitted it n is now denying it.

I think there was another lady on here with a similar story.

It sounds like there would not be enough equity left for you both if you sold and also your children are very young so I am sure this will all be very relevant.

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