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The AJA offers this timely, engaging and convenient resource at no cost to judges who want to apply this state of the art learning to make our communities safer.through this distance learning training, you will learn about guidelines and recommended strategies for supervising domestic violence offenders to achieve the goals of increased victim safety, offender accountability, and offender behavior change.Building Healing and Resilience: Untangling the Web of Trauma's Impact, Women of Color Network Maryland, Maryland Department of Health, Bowie State University and Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault.UK Journalist Julie Bindel on "The Pimping of Prostitution", The University of Texas School of Journalism, with cooperation from Center for Women's and Gender Studies, Humanities Institute, and Senior Fellows honors program of the College of Communication.domestic and violence, problematic substance use and mental ill-health are three issues which often co-exist. This course is designed to 'uncomplicate' matters by raising your awareness about how the three issues interlink and reflecting on the most effective ways to engage with individuals and families who are affected by these issues.a series of continuing education modules that are intended for behavioral health providers who are already licensed or have completed their terminal degree.The realities of sexual violence are quite different.Experienced professionals familiar with the dynamics of sexual violence understand that victims have individual responses to trauma that are often counterintuitive to public expectations.

Improving your Injury and Violence Prevention Practice with the Core Competencies Webinar Series ~ Leading, Managing and Inspiring: How the Core Competencies Can Benefit Your Program (part 5 of 6), Southeastern and Southwestern Injury Prevention Network and Safe States Alliance.

The presenter discussed the law related to the introduction of expert testimony by the prosecution to explain victim behavior and how to identify experts qualified to testify on this issue.

The recording also highlighted the importance of deciding whether to introduce expert testimony in a case.

Without the benefit of a proper explanation, however, jurors may wrongly interpret a victim’s actions during and after an assault as reasons not to believe the victim’s testimony.

Expert testimony to explain victim behavior is often the best way to dispel myths and assist the jury to make an informed decision based on the evidence, viewed in its proper context.

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Custody Evaluator Domestic Violence Institute, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, in partnership with Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Battered Women's Justice Project and Office on Violence Against Women.