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Shotgundating com

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In the introduction to this episode, I read a few emails from the Extraordinary Mailbag, share my appreciation for all of your prayers for my family during our recent struggles, and I may or may not speak a bit of Latin…. Beyond Extraordinary is also proud to be part of the Revelations Radio Network, where you can find this and many other wonderful podcasts with a Christian Worldview. Check out the link in the right sidebar and help us by rating the show!

So riveting is Ralph’s story, that is was recently adapted into a major motion picture produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

The new film Deliver Us From Evil stars Eric Bana as Ralph Sarchie and was directed by Scott Derrickson. Sarchie participated in the production of the film, working as an adviser on the set.

All controls are located on the left side of the frame − and all of them (safety catch, hold-open release button, cocking lever) sport a checkered surface and an oversized profile for an easier and slip-proof access and operation, in the style of the best custom "race guns".

The stock and the handguard of the Beretta 1301 "Tactical" shotgun are manufactured out of black, high-strenght synthetic, and both sport ergonomically-shaped and checkered palm swells.

The magazine tube holds up to six 12-gauge shotshells with a 76mm/3" case (a.k.a.

"Magnum" shots); the Beretta 1310 "Tactical" shotgun is 96cm./37.8" long overall, and thus perfect for confined spaces.

I discovered that while he certainly has a tough exterior, he is actually a very gentle soul..semi-automatic hunting shotgun in late 2009, after a 3-years long research-and-development phase.The A400 "Xplor Unico" model was indeed a small revolution in its field, sporting a plethora of innovative features that made it an instant international top seller.The stock can be adapted to the height of each individual shooter through the installation of spacers.The 47cm./18.5" Steelium barrel is cold-hammer forged, deep-drilled and vacuum-distended out of Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum based steel; it sports an outer blued finish, and is proofed for pressure levels up to 1370 Bar, making it safe and reliable to use with steel shots and other "hard" loads.

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Standard with the Beretta 1301 "Tactical" shotgun are Nickel-plated, high-resistance steel Optima Choke HP chokes: featuring enlarged cones and a redesigned internal profile, the Optima Choke HP chokes are known to reduce attrition, minimize pattern dispersion and improve groupings, and prevent wear or corrosion when used with steel shots or otherwise non-lead ammunition.