Tripit google calendar not updating dating front

Posted by / 24-Aug-2017 20:14

(Usually you'll access webmail at an address like Refreshing Your Feed If your your calendar still doesn't sync properly, you may need to refresh your feed.

Note that some calendar applications will refresh on their own (Google Calendar, for example, can take up to a day before you see changes), so you may want to wait.

I thought I would just be able to subscribe to my Trip It ical feed from GCal, but it doesn't seem to work.

I got my ical feed from Trip It; it looks something like this: I then tried pasting that link into the 'Add By URL' option to add an external calendar to my Google Calendar.

the OS X calendar app and my Google calendar, do see the updates just fine.Google Calendar just isn't respecting/reflecting it. Is there any way to "force" a Google Calendar sync?I've tried adding/removing the feed, to no avail...Just grab your calendar feed to sync your trip plans with your calendar of choice.Many different applications support i Cal, including Apple i Cal (i Phone and i Pad), Google Calendar (Android and Gmail), Microsoft Outlook, Sunrise Calendar, and more.

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Google Calendar caches remote calendar URLs for some time - not helpful if you want to verify a change.