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Updating video bios

Refer to the Dell knowledge-base article BIOS Recovery options on a Dell PC or Tablet for more information.If you have additional BIOS-related questions, click one of the appropriate articles below: How to Clear the BIOS Password Downgrading the BIOS on a Dell computer.The software's main feature is to provide flexibility to recover the corrupted BIOS using a BIOS recovery file from the computer's primary hard disk drive or an external USB key.

When the computer is first started, BIOS activates all of the hardware required by the computer to boot including: WARNING: Incorrectly changing the BIOS settings may leave the computer in a state in which the Operating System will no longer start.Everything in our computer has some form of a BIOS/Firmware.We as overclockers been modifying the video card’s BIOS or using other modified BIOS’ for years now.Im trying to intall a new OS (Win XP) on my IBM Netvista that is totally compatible with my system as said by lenovo.com, but first I must update my drivers and BIOS on the system.What I dont understand is how do I update the drivers and BIOS if there is no OS on the harddrive.

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