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Who is andruw jones dating

Oh sabermetric one, could you explain how one reconciles Jone's overwhelming defensive rep (and make no mistake, I agree he was good, just not *that* good) with the fact that his teams routinely got fewer outs on fly balls than most of their competitors?Thanks.(Bill J from New Mexico)' former ability don't just fall off a cliff like he did.2 questions here: Is there any decent chance his early season results indicate a return to something like his old form?

Click here for more information on Baseball Prospectus subscriptions or use the buttons to the right to subscribe and get instant access to the best baseball content on the web.He's also not so productive that you wouldn't mind seeing him skip a few PAs against lefties.(Steven Goldman) as a Hall of Famer based on his supposedly glorious defense.Thanks.(Grinnell Steve from Grinnell, Iowa) people (fans, bloggers, etc) a few years ago, the consensus opinion was that Jones never developed solid pitch recognition, but was able to compensate through his super-quick hands and feet.He might not know it's a curveball until the last minute, but had the batting mechanics to get around on it regardless.

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If they sign Crisp to anything less than $2mil, color me excited.(Scott from Chicago) is just a bench bat at this point, and marginal even in that role.