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He softens quickly though and adds, ‘I’m just really enjoying romance at the moment and finding somebody different brings different parts out in you.Do you know, the really strange thing is, Emma did an article called and it was the 10 dos and don’ts of moving in with a partner. ’ Unsworth isn’t the only woman who’s influenced his lyrics.You could say Guy Garvey has written the soundtrack to my life.

There were no crimes committed, nobody did the dirty on anybody. ‘But as well as being generous and kind and the ultimate gentleman, he has steely integrity. I have so much to thank him for.’ The pair still share a ‘joint ideas account’, into which they put their best creative musings. Unsworth to ‘her fella Ian, who she lives with in Brighton, a lovely man’, and Garvey to actress Rachael Stirling. ‘We just kind of found each other,’ Garvey remembers with a smile, ‘But we were both in relationships, so we just became friends there.At 41 years old, he is as warm, attractive and bear-like as I had hoped.Tall and thick-set, his beard is dashed with grey, his twinkly eyes and jacket a tiny bit creased. I simultaneously fell for my now-spouse and the band’s frontman Guy Garvey.The former was gentle and charming – and so was the latter, with his soulful Mancunian lilt and the way he managed to make real life sound so poetic., started my honeymoon watching the band at Glastonbury, and saw them at the On Blackheath Festival, with our three-year-old and three-month-old daughters wrapped in blankets on our laps.

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But only for a few days, because then he’ll meet up with the Elbow boys in January to write the band’s seventh album. He also fancies sound-designing a film, recording a Bond theme and will, of course, be busy conducting his cross-country romance with London-based Stirling via Virgin Trains.